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KEEP YOUR MEMBERS IN THE KNOW.  Read how to keep your members engaged while your doors may be shut.  Get the flier »

SHARE THIS FLIER WITH YOUR MEMBERS.  Engage your members with dialogue, signage, emails, texts, and through your website. Let them know you are on top of this situation will give them peace of mind and make them feel valued. Get the flier »

Coronavirus Update

It’s on the news.  It’s all over social media.  Everywhere you turn you hear something about COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus. It’s on everyone’s mind, including your members.  What can you to do to ease their fears during this epidemic?

Like you, we have been thinking about how the COVID-19 virus will affect our business.  At Member Solutions, we have created a plan in the event we are unable to have our office fully staffed.  We have a contingency plan in place ensuring there will be no disruption to your current level of servicing.  We are confident in our team’s ability to continue to support our valued clients every day like we have been doing for years.

So, what can you do?  Read on for some tips and helpful advice.


Members are concerned.  Set them at ease by reminding them of your sanitary methods and cleaning schedules.  If they are responsible for cleaning equipment after use, gently remind them of this policy.  If you added additional cleanings or a deep cleaning recently, explain this to them as well.  The more information you can give them, the better they will feel.  You can communicate your procedures through email, text, signage, or your webpage.

Add additional hand sanitizer and wipes to all public areas.  It’s a good idea to keep some extra in the back office for you and your staff as well.  By making visibly noticeable changes, you are letting your members know you care about them and being proactive will set them at ease.

Consider updating your classes to limit hand-to-hand combat or modifying drills to reduce physical contact.  If this is not possible, you can implement new procedures including required personal hygiene activities like washing hands and using sanitizer immediately following the activity.  Communicate these changes to your members and their families to ease concern.

What is your policy to make-up classes?  Most members don’t want to lose money and may show up ill or bring an ill child to a class because they don’t want to miss out on it.  If you have a policy on make-up classes, remind your members about the policy and urge them to stay home if sick.  Consider making the policy a little more lenient if they cannot make up the classes within the defined policy guidelines.

If someone is sick, they may want to freeze their membership.  Schedule a review with your Client Success Manager to discuss your current freeze policy and make adjustments with us if necessary.  Your Client Success Manager can also help you with securing delinquent accounts, as members may become preoccupied during this crisis.


Coronavirus has been around for years, but this is a new strain.  With symptoms mimicking a common cold, it may be difficult to tell the difference.  We know proper hand washing and covering our coughs will deter the spread of it.  But what else can be done until this virus passes?

Restrict the refilling of water bottles. Instead, offer bottled water.  You can get creative and put your name and/or a coupon on it.

Consider putting a High-No on the High-Fives.  Hand-to-hand contact is a no-no during an outbreak.  Perhaps introduce a new saying or clap when a high-five moment is in order.

Don’t assume kids are being taught about this virus at home.  Teach them to cough into their elbows by mimicking a vampire and sing Happy Birthday twice while washing their hands.  Making it fun will help them remember it.

You can find more information about COVID-19 at the CDC’s website


Engage your members with dialogue, signage, emails, text, and even on your website.  Letting them know you are on top of this situation will give them peace of mind and make them feel valued.

Download this sign you can post for your members.

Explore other options.  At the advice of the CDC, crowds should be avoided which are leaving some places like ghost towns.  Don’t let this happen to you.  You can have some fun with your members by having a contest.  Create some at-home workouts to keep members engaged and let them upload a clip or photo of their workout or routine from home for a chance to win a prize.  You can also hold virtual classes so those at home can participate as well.

Whatever you do, be sure to include your members and keep them informed as a best practice.

Good Luck and remember, the key to combating panic and fear is information and action!!  We are here to help so if you need us, just ask!!


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